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Welcome to the SelfLove Club

At HK Collective we are all about self-love, self-care and self-indulgence. We often spend a lot of time giving our love away to others and this can result in forgetting to love ourselves. We have created the SelfLove Club for you to be a part of as a reminder to take care of yourself and treat yourself. For the next 6 weeks as Australia is continuing to face difficult times we are featuring the 'Self Love Mini' as an opportunity for you to mix and match a range of beautiful Australian products to indulge in. Our intention is for you to select 2 products of your choice for your self-love box and spend a night treating yourself. We have created a space where we encourage you to share what you are doing to take care of yourself while some of us are still facing lockdown laws. We hope that by sharing your comforting thoughts and experiences, with these self-love products, some extra happiness may beam for you or a potential SelfLove Clubber. Click on 'Share the Love' to be a part of this!

Please click below to explore the process of your very own 'Self Love Mini'.


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