Rose Quartz Facial Toolkit

Rose Quartz Facial Toolkit

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Facial Roller

Say goodbye to dull skin, with our real rose quartz roller. This non-invasive beauty tool works to eliminate toxins from beneath the skin and boost blood circulation, resulting in more radiant, healthy looking skin. As part of the crystal Gua Sha toolkit range, you can buy the rose quartz face roller online from the Bare Roots store. Discover the countless benefits of facial rollers, as each treatment sculpts your natural facial contours, leaving puffy skin and fluid build-up as a thing of the past. 


Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique, offering an alternative natural therapy that promotes increased circulation during advanced facial therapies. By revitalising energy within the body, the massaging technique of the Gua Sha stone reduces inflammation, promotes lymphatic drainage. Used alongside the rose quartz facial roller, the crystal Gua Sha stone revives this ancient skin ritual to produce wonderful results at home.


The Bare Roots difference:

  • No squeaking
  • Built to withstand exposure to product and water.  We are proudly chosen by Facialists
  • Zinc alloy frame with electroplated technology to prevent corrosion and rusting.
  • Beautifully coated in rose gold
  • Heavy & sturdy. Does not feel light and flimsy.
  • 100% pure brazilian rose quartz crystal. Stays cold for long periods.