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Cleanse & Co have created 'Ritual Soak' blends to support the body and mind in so many unique ways. We currently stock the following:



Cleansing Ritual Soak

“I allow this water to cleanse me of all judgment and insecurities, washing away what no longer serves me, replacing it with love and positivity.”

Ingredients: clear quartz, coconut flakes, coconut milk powder, dried lime, lime oil, dead sea salt.



Intention Ritual Soak

“In this body of water under the new moon, I release and replace suffering, judgment & doubt with my new desires, goals & loving intentions.”

Ingredients: citrine, dead sea salt, lemon peel, lemongrass oil, chrysanthemum & chamomile flowers.



Weekly Ritual Soak

“As I submerge myself in this body of water, I align my intentions with my goals ahead. A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content.”

Ingredients: howlite, lavender stalks, chamomile flowers, lavender oil, chamomile oil, dead sea salt.



Care Ritual Soak

“As I take time away from the busy world to still my mind and body, I remind myself I am worthy of all the love and kindness I truly deserve.”

Ingredients: rose quartz, himalayan salt, dead sea salt, dried hibiscus flower, dried grapefruit, grapefruit oil.


Size: 70g