Bathe & Indulge Deluxe

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This box is created for the purpose of bathing and indulging all at once! Bathe and Indulge Deluxe encourages you to take a hot bath, treat yourself, breathe and cleanse with these luxe products. Tie your hair in a bun and sink into a hot bath filled with essential oil blends, dried fruits and flowers. Sink your way into the heavens. 

What's inside

1x Courtney + Babes yuzu hand and body wash

1x Cleanse & Co rose quartz crystal candle *NEW Intention candles

1x Peggy Sue brew bath pockets

1x Butt Naked bath soak + scrub

1x Cleanse & Co bath soak

1x Osun Sparkling water

1x Made by Taylah Rose scrunchy

1x Quote card

Please note: scrunchies , candles and soaks vary. How nice is receiving a surprise! Head to our Partner/Product page to check out the varieties.