Sleeping Beauty

"Sleeping Beauty slumbered in her forest castle". This box is created for the purpose of a cleansed and peaceful sleep! Sleeping Beauty encourages you to soak in a peaceful bath before cleansing your body, spirit and linen (YES mist those pillows) with the Cleanse & Co Oil Mist. Untie your lush locks, treat yourself, unwind and ease into a deep slumber with these luxe products.

Please note: Scrunchies vary in colour and mists vary in blends. How nice is receiving a surprise! Head to our Partner/Product page to check out the varieties.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleep Mask Colour
  • 1x Cleanse & Co Oil Mist

    1x Princess & Pea Silk Sleep Eye Mask 

    1x Large Scrunchy

    3x Mud & Gee Bath Soaks

    1x Quote Card

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