Mini Love Soak


This box is created for the purpose of filling soak lovers dreams. You have so many soak options in one little box! Featuring the absolute divine bath brew pockets x3 filled with lavender buds, oats, coconut milk powder OR pink himalyan rock salt, pink clay, rose petals and geranium oil depending which you choose. This box is also filled with soaks that are infused with lemongrass oil, lime oil, grapefruit oil, epsom salts, pink himalyan salts, rose petals, lavender, chamomile and more. You can now relax into a day dream about your next bath filled with all things good and calming.

Mini Love Soak

Brew Pockets
  • Mud + Gee soak kit which includes

    1x rosebud soak tube

    1x soak sachet

    1x bath tea bag

    Peggy Sue Soaps

    1x bath brew pockets box (includes 3 brew pockets)

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