Goddess Midi (Hera)

This box is created for the purpose of indulging the goddess herself in 3 harmonious soaks for cleansing and a candle for light and love. Inspired by Hera the Goddess of woman, family and child birth this box is filled with awakening yet relaxing products for a 'mum to be' or 'mum already nurturing'. This box features the Sylk Skin soak bundle including 'Soothe', 'Calm' and 'Replenish' with ingredients to detoxify, restore skins oil balance, improve sleep, aid muscles, aches and cramps, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Please note: candles vary in blends. How nice is receiving a surprise! Head to our Partner/Product page to check out the varieties.

Goddess Midi (Hera)

  • 1x Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

    1x Sylk Soak Bundle (includes 3 soaks)

    1x Quote Card

    1x Gift Card

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