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Wellness Check In

If you are a fellow Melbournian, or living in rural Victoria, you will most likely understand some of the toughest times for us are ahead over the next 6 weeks. Tonight's blog is just a quick check in to keep vibes positive and send a little love to all my beautiful followers.


First things first...

You will be seeing a lot of my face sharing photos and product tutorials over the next few weeks as this is one way that I can keep myself sane during lock down. If I can share with you the beautiful products that we stock at HK Collective, with a big smile on my face, then that's a small win for everyone lightening up one another and sharing the love.

If I can share my smile, I will smile bigger.


I want to share with you my top 5 go to's when I am feeling overwhelmed. I am sharing these with you in hope that you can try these too and give your mind and body some self-love that it deserves.

  1. Listening to music, meditation or podcasts. Ok Ok this is more like three in one BUT they either let me release emotions that I need to release or they bring new happy, relief emotions that I am searching for. When I am desperate to get lost in lyrics it also encourages me to get out of the house for a walk or run.

  2. Using my beautiful HK Collective products. By using these all Australian, organic and natural products I know that I am feeding my skin and body vitamins and goodness. My skin is practically singing when I apply fruit extracts, plant-based essential oils, flowers, Himalayan salts and so much more. It really lifts my spirits when I treat my skin and body.

  3. BATHS. Take a hot bath, add a bath soak, soap or scrub and close your eyes. Float away your worries and your strife.

  4. Essential oils. I have an addiction to Doterra essential oils and I 100% encourage you to try them! Often when you purchase essential oils they say 100% natural and they actually are NOT. Doterra are plant based oils that not only support your health and skin but they support you mentally and emotionally. I add these to hot water every morning and sip away. I use them with my 'emotions' book to get myself back on track when having a meltdown minor or major!

  5. Quotes. Whether they be positive, happy, deep, dark, I love them all the same. Get yourself a poetry book as they are often just your average quote book with a lot more depth!

Before I love and leave you to enjoy your Sunday night here are some quotes...

It's ok. You just forgot who you are. Welcome back.
Wake up one hour before your usual time and take that hour to do whatever makes you happy.
Monday's are for fresh starts.
We often silence our instincts, and at the end of the day instead of feeling good about ourselves, we feel alone, we feel misunderstood. Remember it is ok to be emotional, to seek help, to be vulnerable and human.


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