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Too much to choose from!

We live in one of the luckiest countries and most of us at times are overindulged and have the luxury of purchasing ourselves much of what we always want. Although we sell some incredible Aussie products at HK, that give you exactly what you want and support this overindulgence, we also hope they fulfill you with full gratitude.

Gratitude: the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Due to all this overindulgence and lucky living it can be very hard to choose which signature box you dream of or which products you want if you customise your own box. This week I am going to narrow a few products down so you can take a closer look.

Product 1:

Cleanse & Co Oil Mist

I have been particularly drawn to these mists this week to ground myself and become more content with certain situations. My favourite blend is 'I am Aligned' Ingredients: Geranium, Frankincense, Orange, Lime & Mandarin Essential Oils, diluted with distilled water (mist). This blend is for 'focus' and assists with that horribly common issue of brain fog! The oils in this blend support mental clarity, uplift and sharpen the mind. I feel so refreshed once I mist myself and I often use it on my linen and in the air of my space. I have also been testing out the anxiety trio blends 'New Day', 'In Control', 'Release' and they smell amazing.

Product 2:

Peggy Sue Milk Bath Brew Pockets

My favourite bath option this week has been the Peggy Sue milk bath brew pockets. This is like a tea bag for your bath filled with Ingredients: Coconut Milk Powder, Oats and Lavender Buds. We also stock these in a 'Pink' bath option too Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Rock Salt, Pink Clay, Rose Petals and Rose Geranium Essential Oil. The milk bath smells incredible and makes me feel like I am eating warm honey oats on a Winter morning! Definitely add one of these to your custom box or purchase in a pre-made box, you can look into a 'Self Love Mini' to see what other product you can match with for $65.

Product 3:

Bare Roots Bamboo Wet Wipes

I have had all sorts of trouble with my skin breaking out during isolation in Melbs. One day it feels and looks amazing and the next it is a train wreck. I can't believe how quickly it is changing, I guess it wants to join my emotions roller coaster ride (everyone is feeling this right)!? These bamboo wipes are made out of Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Bamboo Fibres. Unlike your average face wipe that can often sting these bamboo wipes leave your skin feeling cool, soothed and hydrated. They are a game changer! They may not remove a whole face of make up but they are perfect for taking most of it off before a good cleanse. I use these wipes to refresh my skin when I don't have make up on and it's amazing how much dirt and grime comes off a naked face! These are also BABY friendly! These can be added to a custom box and are featuring in a new box that is coming very soon.

So... enjoy over indulging BUT practice gratitude as you do it and everyone is happy, glowing and cleansed.


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