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Sunday Funday no more Glumday


Let's switch our mind from thinking of a 'Sunday' being a day of boredom and flip it into a mind set of being well rested and relaxed. Combining your positive energy with the warmth of the earth beneath your feet (as the sun's warmth is currently non existent) we can filter it through our body and have a 'Sundazed' state of mind.

Sunday priority list




Many days of the week can just feel 'bleh' especially Sunday and especially after being locked down all weekend without any contact from our favourite humans. My aim is to help you find that Sundazed mind set instead of getting muddled down into a state of self-love neglect.

My top 3 products to assist

Cleanse & Co Oil Mist

Princess & Pea Silk Sleep Eye Mask

Peggy Sue Soaps Bath Brew Pockets

Priority 1 EXERCISE

Sometimes we wake up in the morning and feel lost already before we have even open our eyes properly. We can feel as though the world is gloomy and there is nothing to get out of bed for as no activity has been planned, there is nowhere to go and no-one to see. The best way to smack these emotions on the head straight away is to drag that bod out of bed into the fresh air to feel something better. I myself love to run and as much as I think I will just go on wallowing for another hour the best option is to force on that active wear and get moving. I feel 99% better and the other 1% is there to allow myself feelings still just in a new light.

Priority 2 REST

Although we may feel like we are constantly resting during lock down, or on your average day when no exercise is involved, we need to identify 'true rest'. 'True rest' is when our mind and body is actually at peace and resting. Sometimes I lay down for a rest with my eyes shut and I think this is resting but it isn't. My mind is twirling 100 thoughts around and my body is tense sometimes with a headache. That doesn't seem like rest to me! Other times I will lay down and listen to a meditation podcast where I follow their breathing guide and clear my mind with my body melting into the ground. Now that is rest! Please make time to rest your body and mind in a state of full relaxation.


As I move into a new week ahead I don't want to be dwelling on a mood, pleasing people, feeling alone or worrying about people who have affected me in a negative way. I want to think about all the opportunities that can arise in a week and become excited and ambitious about where they will take me. This could be a minor opportunity like having the chance to re arrange my wardrobe (like I have been meaning to do for months) or it could be a bigger opportunity like creating something new at work for my class to thrive on. 'An opportunity is a time or circumstance that makes it possible to do something' so we really forget how many opportunities are sitting right in front of us no matter how small.


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