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Self-love in the simplest form

Those two words. SELF LOVE

Is it reading a great novel? Is it soaking in a hot bath? Is it going for a walk? Is it cleansing your skin? Is it cooking a delicious snack? Is it listening to music? Is it moisturizing your body? Is it having downtime?

We often spend a lot of time giving our love away to others and this can result in forgetting to love ourselves.

An act of kindness and love to support other humans is the best gift you can give so in no way shape or form am I telling you to stop but encouraging you to merely think about yourself too.

“If you are not giving you are getting, if you are giving you are not getting.”

So let's get to it. I am going to share with you ways that I indulge myself when I have been too busy giving to others or have forgotten to be grateful for all the ways I can receive love when I feel like I am missing out.

My top 5 self-love hits

Is it soaking in a hot bath?

My ultimate FIX of self-love is a hot steamy bath. Without fail, when I am having a conniption, a hot bath makes me feel a million bucks every time. Now no-one else can give this time to me or give this love to me, it is all me, I am giving myself love and taking care of my mind, body and soul. I fill my bath with beautiful Australian products from Cleanse & Co, Butt Naked Skinfood, Peggy Sue Soaps, Mud + Gee and Courtney + the Babes. There is nothing better than treating your body to a bath full of organic ingredients that include fruit and plant extracts, lavender and rose buds, coconut oil and milk, essential oils and Himalyan salts!!

Is it reading a great novel?

I find that when I have had too much screen time and I heavily rely on watching other peoples social media posts to feel less alone I gravitate towards what others are receiving and how others are loving. Sometimes this can make you feel more alone and you sink away into a negative blob. Don't be fooled by the power of social media to make you feel this way it is so common. Find a way to love yourself! Whip out a good book and delve into the life of fiction characters and dream of the different worlds people live in and the opportunities you have had or a yet to have.

Is it cleansing your skin?

Do you ever wake up, especially on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and just feel yuck? Even though you have had had a really good nights sleep, which I like to do using my Princess & Pea silk sleep mask, you just wake up feeling lethargic and bothered. On these days I don't want to get up and face the day and feel like the love is missing. Then I realize that I am here to give myself love! I often indulge my skin in a good wash using Peggy Sue Soap products including the cleanser, pink facial scrub, superfood toning mist, intensive eye cream followed by the day moisturizer. I know when I cleanse my face with these products I am feeding my skin and body with all organic and natural ingredients ans my heart will sing. My FAVOURITE part to a cleanse of skin pick me up is using the Butt Naked Skinfood Rose Pink Clay Mask. More details about these products on our Partners page! Back to the self-love... when I cleanse my skin I all of a sudden feel fresh, happy and uppity and I am set for a whole day of content. It is truly amazing when you push yourself to cleanse that skin!

Is it going for a walk?

Give me that fresh air feel! Self-love isn't just for your physical health or just for your mental health it is for both just as equally. We might see exercise as a physical health action but for me it is a form of mental self-love. On days where I feel unmotivated, lost and my mind wonders in to non-reality thinking I can get very congested with unwanted feelings. The best way to give my mind and body love when I feel like this is go for a walk or a run. I usually run like the wind and chase away any negative emotions but since being stuck in isolation my body has felt weak and a walk is the best option to clear my head and give myself some love. Point of this tip... get outside in fresh air even if you have to drag yourself and have been told a million times!

Is it having downtime?

Think of downtime as you shutting your mind and body off to anything that is causing you stress, worry, angst or any other emotions that is uninvited. The few simple things I need to begin downtime and actually enjoy downtime are my Cleanse & Co candle, my book, my oils, Bare Roots Wholesome Beauty Tea, scrunchies Made By Taylah Rose, ready to throw my hair up all fresh, and a couple of house plants to take care of. Along with these items I place other things around my space to make me feel loved and help my brain switch off to the 'now' which can include Courtney + the Babes hand wash, a cosy throw rug, oil mists and opening my window for fresh air.

We would love to hear about your own self-love journey please email us at If you would like us to share your story or tips on our 'Share the Love' page.

Find the time to replenish your body and take some of the love back for yourself. H

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