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Let's get Butt Naked

It is so difficult to pick a favourite product for my skin but I have to say how incredible my skin feels and looks after using Butt Naked's products. My soul just feels happy after every use! I am going to talk you through which products I use and stock from Butt Naked and how and why I use them. Hopefully it will encourage you to become a butt naked babe like me and try them!

Butt Naked is an Australian brand that creates food for the skin using toxin free ingredients and quality ingredients from nature. They don't use fillers, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artifical fragrances, synthetic dyes or as they say 'no crappy lies'! So let's take a look at 2 of my favourite (amongst many favourites) products and how I use these for my own self-love.

Rose Pink Clay Face Mask

My go-to face mask is the Rose Pink Clay mask as it leaves my skin feeling fresh, calm, glowing, PLUMP and clean. I am always searching for a natural way to plump my skin and cheeks when they are feeling tired and dry but find that some expensive and non-natural 'plumping' products just don't work... now this my friends PLUMP PLUMP PLUMPS!! This mask is filled with

  • Pink Clay

  • Lavender

  • Chamomile

The best part about it is you get to mix it up yourself. Now this may sound off-putting but i assure you it is the best part! I use a small bamboo bowl with a tablespoon of the product in it and a little bit of water. Mix it together and it forms a paste which you will then apply to your face. As soon as you poor the pink clay out of the bottle BOY does it smell like nature! If you could match a smell to the words 'rose pink clay' this is it.

Himalayan + Lavender Body Scrub

This body scrub doubles as a bath soak and is filled with the most amazing ingredients and smells incredible. This product is clam yet refreshing and invigorating. Filled with Lavender, sea salt and Himalayan rock salt this product reduces tension, improves sleep, stimulates circulation and restores hydration. You can either poor this product into the bath and breathe in the infused lavender water (IT SMELLS OUT OF THIS WORLD) or use a handful to scrub yourself butt naked before it hits the water.

Butt Naked began in South Australia with 2 soul sisters and a dingo looking to create skin products from natural ingredients. Look at how far they have come! Please head over to to check out their products, story and blog that features HK Collective. They believe in a few beautiful ways of life which you can read below:

"We want you to feel confident enough to be your real, raw, naked self - no more hiding, no more shame. Just pure self confidence and self acceptance, with a big dose of good ol’ self love." BN

"It's all about stress-free self-care that keeps bodies glowing, smooth, hydrated and feeling peachy-keen all over. Our bodies work so hard. It’s time we give our bods some g-damn respect and TLC while we’re at it *no scrubs*" BN


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